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Mocha Diffusion 

Presented by Unha Hill

May 27th 9:30am - 4:30pm

Unha Hill will provide a one-day workshop that teaches participants the ceramic surface decoration technique of Mocha Diffusion.  Mocha Diffusion is a slip decorating technique that uses different materials to create a reaction between acid and alkali to create intricate veined patterns reminiscent of trees or ferns.

Participants will be provided with two (2) mini bowls 3 ½ inches tall and one (1) cup 4 inches high to practice the techniques.

If time permits Unha will provide participants with a demonstration on throwing small off the hump and throwing a large bowl.

Artistic Biography

Ever since my childhood in South Korea, I have been passionately attracted to objects of beauty, especially in nature. I followed this passion and achieved a Master’s degree of Floral Arts. I immigrated to Canada in 1991 and operated “Floral Creation’s By Unha” successfully for over 10 years in Hamilton. However the time commitments of raising 2 children and giving attention to my husband became too much. I retired the flower shop to close friends and picked up pottery as a hobby. Almost 20 years later pottery has become my profession and livelihood. In 2015 I started fostering a “Cultural Exchange Program” with North American Potters, taking them to Korea and China to learn ancient pottery techniques. Now my art has come full circle, in it you will see many elements of nature combined with both my Korean and Canadian heritage. I love to experiment and expand my skills, so look closely at my work, it is never static but like nature itself, full of changes.

Unha Hill

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