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Larissa earned both her Visual Arts undergraduate and her teaching degrees from the University of Toronto.  She has been teaching high school visual art since 2005 including in her classes visual arts, arts and crafts, darkroom photography, and digital photography.  Prior to teaching Larissa was certified as a master cake decorator specializing in intricate, realistic, handmade gum paste sugar flowers and piping work for wedding cakes.  

Larissa started working with clay in 2018 and has been avidly advancing her craft ever since.  Her love of sculpture, printmaking, painting, and drawing are evident through her body of work with her unique style of sgraffito and mishima in underglaze colours.  

Her work and process can be seen on instagram @painted_dragonfly_pottery  

By the end of this workshop, you will cover the following:

  • UG consistency: the importance of sieving

  • Application

  • Troubleshooting

  • When you can and cannot apply UG

  • Washes and wiping back with texture

  • Gradient

  • Paper resist

  • Diamondcore tools

  • Mishima

  • Sgraffito

  • Layering sgraffito and underglaze

  • Watercolour effect 

  • Squeeze bottle application

Supplies you should have for the workshop if you want to work along with demonstrations:

  1. Underglazes (any colours you want in addition to black and white).  

  2. Small brushes (Tuck shop set - includes fine detail sgraffito tool).

  3. Henna plastic squeeze bottles (purchased from guild Tuck Shop, Amazon, dollar store).

  4. 4 - 8 leather hard pieces smoothed with sponge ready for underglaze applications. If 4, we suggest forms such as a mug, small vase, trivet, small rice bowl, small plate etc OR if 8, as flat coasters. In either case, you will be able to try more than one technique per item.  

  5. One bisque item with smooth and textured or carved areas.

  6. Tucker’s wax resist if you would like to try Mishima.  Another brand is Mr. Marks’s Wax ON (carried by Sounding Stone); PSH wax does not work for this.

  7. Turntable, banding wheel, lazy Susan, decorating wheel, or microwave turntable.

  8. Palette for mixing your underglazes. 

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