Monthly Members Meetings

Mississauga Potters’ Guild holds monthly business meetings. At each meeting, the business portion of the meeting starts at 7 PM, and is followed by an engaging presentation by an invited guest, who comes to give demonstrations, talks and slide shows, or mini-workshops.

The Guild library is open from 6:30 PM to 7:00, before the meeting starts. Members are encouraged to come early to socialize, share ideas and use the library.

Meetings are normally held on the first Thursday of each month, except in July and August when we take a break for the summer. The January and September meetings may take place on the second Thursday of the month.

In June and December, we meet in the home of a member-host for a potluck dinner and meeting. A voluntary exchange of pottery pieces among members makes for a fun opportunity to socialize and "talk shop".

At the end of each year, usually in November or December, the membership votes on incoming candidates to the Executive.

Guests are welcome to attend one meeting each year. 

Guest Artists

Jan 2023 Guest Artist Mona Patel

Dec 2022 Members Potluck

Nov 2022 Guest Artist Sami Tsang

Oct 2022 Guest Artist Maria Teresa Hernandez and  Vanesa Trillia

Sept 2022 Guest Artist Terry Hildebrand

June 2022 Members' Potluck & Pottery Exchange

May 2022 Guest Artists from Mentorship with Kathy Kranias:
Pam Bingham, Sarah Grant, Gary Sullivan, Alana Morcoccia

April 2022 Guest Artist Michael Doxey

March 2022 Guest Artist Marney McDiarmid

February 2022      Guest Artist Magdolene Dykstra

January 2022         Guest Artist Cynthia OBrian

November 2021    Guest Artist Annika Hoefs

October 2021        Guest Artist Michele Macdonald 

September 2021   Guest Artist  Sarah Brodie   

June 2021             Guest Artist  Alison Brennan                                                

May 2021              Guest Artist Susan Card                                            

April 2021               Guest Artist Claudia Lambert                                                                                 

February 2021        Guest Artist Larissa O'Reilly                                                           

January 2021 Guest Artist Gracia Isabel Gomez

November 2020 Guest Artist Jacquie Blondin

September 2020 Guest Artist Naomi Clement

March 2020 Guest Artist Janet Macpherson

February 2020 Guest Artist Susan Low-Beer

January 2020 Members Meeting - discussion

December 2019 Members' AGM, Potluck & Pottery Exchange

November 2019 Guest Artist Aitak Sorahitalab

October 2019 Guest Artist Erica Conly

September 2019 Guest Artist Sean Toussi - Glo3d

June 2019 Members' Potluck & Pottery Exchange

May 2019 Guest Artist Vicki Ruple Lepe

April 2019 Guest Artist Eiko Maeda

March 2019             Guest Artist Emma Smith

February 2019         Guest Artist Hana Balaban-Pommier

January 2019          Guest Artist Gracia Isabel Gomez

December 2018 Members' Potluck & Pottery Exchange

November 2018 Guest Artist Ian Chung - Spectrum

October 2018 Guest Artist Catherine Weir

September 2018 Guest Artist Aitak Sorahitalab

June 2018 Members' Potluck & Pottery Exchange

May 2018 Guest Artist Sara Pimentel

April 2018 Guest Artist Heidi McKenzie

March 2018 Guest Artist Duncan Aird

February 2018 Guest Artist Rhonda Uppington

January 2018 Guest Artist Natalie Waddell

November 2017 Guest Artist Sarah Berglund

October  2017 Guest Artist Paul Stewart

September 2017 Guest Artist Zsuzsa Monostory

May 2017 Guest Artist Kathy Kranias

April 2017 Guest Artist Richard Fisher

March 2017 Guest Artist Teresa Dunlop

February 2017 Guest Artist Scott Barnim

January 2017  Guest Artist Loren Kaplan

November 2016 Guest Artist Mary McKenzie

October 2016  Guest Artist Sean Perley

September 2016 Guest Artist Cindy Dron

May 2016 Guest Artist Hannun Lyn

April 2016 Guest Artist Gise Trauttmansdorff

March 2016 Guest Artist Dale Roddick

February 2016 Guest Artist Filipa Pimentel

January 2016  Guest Artist Shane Weaver

November 2015 Guest Artist Andrea Poorter

October 2015  Guest Artist Heather Smith

September 2015 Guest Artist Michelle Kosey

May 2015 Guest Artist George Cho

April 2015 Guest Artist Patrick Cheong

March 2015 Guest Artist Michelle Lynn

February 2015 Guest Artist Linda Sormin

January 2015  Workshop - Image Transfer 

November 2014   Guest Artist Celia Brandao

October 2014  Guest Artist Chari Cohen

September 2014 Guest Artist Heidi McKenzie

April 2014 Guest Artist Marc Egan

March 2014 Guest Artist Alison Brannen

February 2014 Guest Artist Lyne Reid

January 2014  Guest Artist Wayne Cardinalli

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