Community Outreach Program

Mississauga Potters' Guild (MPG) has created an innovative outreach program to reach out to seniors and younger adults for mental and physical stimulation.  

We realize some seniors have functional limitations; however, these Home Pottery Kits are easy to use. You will receive a pre-tested simple and well-designed template instructions, and videos.  These can be used to help seniors and young adults create pottery pieces for their own pleasure or create gifts for their loved ones. 

Home Pottery Kit contains five pounds of clay and tools along with both written and video instructions which can be downloaded and watched and printed as needed. 

For the outreach program the Mississauga Potters Guild, is offering the kits at $23.00 plus HST per kit (vs the regular price of $45). This price includes firing and glazing the pieces that are made. Your total cost would depend on how many participants you have and how many kits you need to purchase.

Please review the information below about the kit contents and the projects that can be created with our kits.  Once you have reviewed this information, to order kits, please: 

  • Go to “ Purchase Outreach Kits” click on the link ( in red).  This will take you to a new page with a “Register button” just below the credit card logos, 
  • Click on the register button.  This will take you to the purchase page. 
  • Enter the information requested and select the kits you wish to purchase.  

Each kit includes:

  • Clay (5 lbs)
  • Full instructions on how to prepare and handle your clay and tools safely.
  • Tools
  • Work Surface

Kits includes glazing and firing of your pieces (maximum 4) in the glaze of your choice!

Pick from the selection of glaze choices prior to dropping your pieces off at the guild.  

Scroll down see what each Project is about. 

Project 1 Beginners

Functional Slab Pieces 

An easy project for beginner potters! Using simple templates, you can create trinket dishes or bowls and experiment with textures around the home! The possibilities are endless.

Project 2 Family Friendly Beginners

Pinch Pot Play Monsters! 

Take a ride on the wild side! This is the perfect family friendly project that will be sure to excite! Pinch and create - we can't wait to see what characters you make! You can use our templates or watch the video on how to hand form your own unique features for the more adventurous!

Project 3 Patience and Ability to Learn

Animal Planters 

Lions, Tigers or Bears Oh my! Bring a little bit of nature into your home with these amazing animal planters. With the right tools, you can let those creative juices flow and create just about anything!

Project 4 More Complex

Tumblers, Wine, and Drinking Glasses 

Sit down and relax with a drink from a glass made by you! Follow step by step videos and learn how to make your very own: tumbler, wine, or drinking glasses.  This project will give you something you can use over and over again!

Looking for something a bit more challenging? Try our more advanced project!

Project 5 More Challenging

What a Mug!

Cozy on up with a warm drink, in a mug made by you! Try your hand at making a big mugs that will surely become your favourite!

Project 6 Advanced

Berry Bowls and Baskets!

Berry season is around the corner! This project is perfect for the Spring and Summer season. You now have the opportunity to make your Berry Bowls and Baskets that you can use over and over again to showcase the delicious berries you will have this season. 

Purchase Community Outreach Kits here

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