The Museum of Ontario Archaeology is partnering with FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association and The London Potters’ Guild to offer the Natural Clay Pottery Course fully online! Many of the Museum's services were impacted by the shutdown over the past few months, as I'm sure were many of your classes and services, I was hoping to share the course information with you to pass on to your membership. 

About the Course:

Professional potters Chris Snedden and Gene Timpany, and historic re-creator Kim Lundberg will  guide participants through the process of collecting and preparing their own natural clay through to unique pottery creation. We are also very excited to announce that this year, renown Wyandot Artisan Richard Zane Smith will also be providing tips and tricks on how to fire your creations using traditional methods.

Redesigned for online accessibility with exclusive video demonstrations and one-on-one support from instructors who will guide participants through an introduction to earthenware, a regional history of pottery making, collecting your own natural clay, and getting to experiment by creating their own pot with us! 

Course Details:

Ages 14+

$75 per person +HST

Class run: August 12th to October 7th, 2020

Registration deadline: August 10th 

Registration link:

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