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Mississauga Potters' Guild was proud to present

RAKU Workshop and Accreditation

October 15th and 16th 2022

MPG  offered two full days for members and non-member to experience the fun of Raku firing. Participants were able to learn the process, make unique pieces to treasure and have a deeper learning experience from these workshop. Members participate in a zoom workshop life with MPG Instructor Vicki Ruple Lepe to learn the techniques and process for getting the best results from a Raku firing. 

Some members worked towards MPGs Raku kiln Accreditation which equips them with the knowledge and skills to set up and fire  the kiln safely and now are able to rent the kiln in the future. 

Workshop: “THROW BIG”


Owen Davies 

Saturday June 4th & Sunday June 5th

This workshop will covered intermediate throwing knowledge and techniques needed to build large scale work.  Partipipants learned new skills including:

  • Spiral wedging and cut wedging  
  • Centering in sections 
  • Throwing in sections  
  • Choosing the right clay  
  • Drying techniques 

Find out more about Owen’s work here

Virtual Workshop Series 

Empower Your Capacity and Growth as a Creative Professional 

with life coach Chris Mitchell, Life Coach, Career Leadership Development for Artists and Creatives in February 2022. 

RAKU Workshop and Accreditation

September 25th, 26th and October 15th 2021

MPG  offered three full days for members to experience the fun of Raku firing. Participants were able to learn the process, make unique pieces to treasure and have a deeper learning experience from these workshop. Members participate in a zoom workshop life with MPG Instructor Vicki Ruple Lepe to learn the techniques and process for getting the best results from a Raku firing. 

Some members worked towards MPGs Raku kiln Accreditation which equips them with the knowledge and skills to set up and fire  the kiln safely and now are able to rent the kiln in the future. 

Underglaze Decoration and Carving Techniques Workshop with Larissa O’Reilly

April 2021

The 3-hour workshop introduced participants to a variety of techniques using Amaco Underglazes. Larissa demonstrated colour mixing, proper preparation, and application.  She gave us troubleshooting advice to avoid issues such as blistering, bleeding and pin holing. Step-by-step demonstrations included best practises for using squeeze bottles and brushes; introduced us to printmaking techniques including paper resists and transfers; and carving techniques using Diamondcore tools for both Mishima and Sgraffito techniques.  Door prizes went to Claudia Gauletta (Amaco Underglazes donated by Tuckers Pottery Supply) and Heidi Kreiner-Ley (Diamondcore Tool). 

Larissa O’Reilly (BFA, BEd) is an artist and educator.  She has taught secondary school for over 15 years specializing in Visual Arts, Photography and Craft. She is a master cake decorator as well. Larissa lives and works in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. You can find Larissa on Instagram @painted_dragonfly_pottery 

Presented by Zoom

Video Available for Purchase

Winter 2021

Master the art and science of consistent glaze results in this comprehensive online program. Mastering Glaze Consistency is an in-depth program that will give you a foundation of technical, scientific knowledge plus a complete, step-by-step testing system that you can use to fine tune and master each of your individual glazes.

MPG is proud to present

Mastering Glaze Consistency

by fellow Canadian

Sue McLeod of Sooke, BC. 

Sue began offering this course 2 years ago after being a guest speaker at NCECA – Pittsburgh 2018 – with her “Understanding Cone 6” lecture. Since then she has grown followings on

Instagram: @SueMcLeodCeramics >5000 

Facebook Group: Understanding Glazes with Sue >7000

Website: where she shares free content on her blog.

Her talents and love of building community has not gone unnoticed. She was invited to share her knowledge in Ceramics Monthly – Techno File - Bentonite – March 2020 and Hard Panned Glazes - Oct 2020.

Mastering Glaze Consistency is a program that will walk you through every step of the making, glazing and firing process with easy to understand explanations for how each step is affecting your end results.

Usually a 4 week program, Sue offered the members of the Mississauga Potters' Guild a special 6-week program, with a private Facebook group. This included 6 hours of face to face with Sue McLeod over Zoom, with sessions at important jumping off points for trouble shooting, possible solutions and next steps. 

Become confident in your ability to control your glaze application, troubleshoot glaze issues and repeat your best glaze results, firing after firing, without having to sacrifice your body of work to the “kiln gods”.

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

  • A complete picture of the 7 main factors that are affecting your glaze results
  • A thorough understanding of how different glaze materials and water affect glaze application, and how to control them
  • A repeatable, step-by-step testing and tuning system that you can use with each of your glazes to make sure they turn out the way you intend them to
  • An increased vocabulary of ceramic jargon that will help you understand what the heck the experts are talking about in glaze books and online
  • The confidence to make intentional glazing decisions instead of just going for it, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.
  • Specific strategies for troubleshooting some of the most common glaze issues and reasons for kiln opening disappointment.

Drawing for Ceramics with Kathy Kranias 

Oct 2019

This 2-evening workshop introduced participants to drawing for ceramics through observational sketching exercises designed for the beginner. These include a focused study of natural and ceramic objects to accurately draw their shape, texture, and tone.

Sketching with line in a measured and gestural way with pencil, conte crayon and India ink, participants build confidence and competence with drawing processes similar to those used for ceramic surfaces.

An exploration of mark-making will expand the repertoire for imagery and develop the essential motor skills for decorating ceramic objects. Particular emphasis was placed on developing an expressive approach.

Kathy Kranias (BFA, BEd, MA) is an artist, art historian, and educator. She has taught visual arts for over

25 years in secondary and post-secondary institutions (Toronto District School Board, Sheridan College),

and in regional art galleries (Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Peterborough). See Kathy's work on

her website.

Nerikomi with Eiko Maeda

June 1, 2019 

Eiko Maeda taught the  Nerikomi technique. The Nerikomi technique uses slabs that are stacked, folded and formed into shapes from layers of coloured clay and then sliced through to reveal patterns.

See Eiko's Nerikomi work here.

Hand-building with Heather Smit

Sat Nov 24 and Sun Nov 25, 2018

Heather is recognized for her soft-slab hand-built forms that are both sculptural and functional in design. Heather’s workshop encouraged participants to explore how sculptural form, function and simplicity can exist in everyday utilitarian objects.

Heather guided participants through her soft slab hand-building construction process and technique with demos and open discussion that focused on form and function. The workshop covered basic tool & template design for making in multiples with a focus on drinking and pouring vessels. 

Have a look at Heather's portfolio at

Heather's bio

Heather began her study of clay as a metal student at Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, BC. This study and constant reference to metal continues in her soft slab hand-built porcelain and wood fired ceramics. Heather’s work has been exhibited at Craft Ontario, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Carnegie Gallery, The Aurora Cultural Center, KOBO Gallery Seattle, Alexis Templeton Studios NL, and The Jonathan Bancroft Snell Gallery.

Writing an Artist Statement, with Jacquie Blondin and Andrea Poorter

June 9, 2018

Workshop to prepare your Artist Statement for submission of works for juried exhibition.

This workshop guided participants through the steps of writing an effective Artist Statement that will express the artists ideas to both the general public and exhibition jurors and an artist bio.

Participants learned how to express their personal meaning in reference to an exhibition theme, and how to describe their ceramic art in terms of influences and the language of art.

Downloadable resources:

Writing your artist statement workshop.pdf

How to Write Your Artist Statement.pdf

Springboard for the Arts workbook (see Unit 3)

Throwing Vessels with Teresa Dunlop

 Jan 19 and Feb 9, 2018

Teresa instructed participants on throwing vessels for containing and serving. This included lidded containers. and casseroles. Consideration of spouts and handles that could be used to turn a lidded container into a teapot were demonstrated. Vessels were made from individual pieces that were altered and assembled, like baskets, butter dishes, vases, flower bricks.  Teresa   demonstrated how to make bisque molds that could be incorporated into our practice. These molds began on the wheel and are then altered and may be used either for making interesting curved bottoms and closed vessels.

Mould Making & Slip Casting with Filipa Doak

Feb 2018

Filipa Doak, our very talented Studio Technician, put on two workshops for members. 

This was a 2-part Workshop:

     1 Mould Making 
     2 Slip Casting 

In the mould making workshop, members made  a one-piece mould suitable for slip casting. This workshop was an introduction to working with plaster and making simple moulds. Participants learned how to mix plaster properly, how to set up your area for mould making, and all safety considerations. Each student walked away with their very own one-piece plaster mould. 

In slip casting workshop, members made slip-cast pieces from their very own mould. Participants learned how to set up their space for slip casting, how to time their casting, various decorative techniques using your plaster mould, and finally, proper clean up of your pieces.

“This was the first time I have been exposed to mold making and slip casting but have always been curious. Filipa was an excellent teacher who was very patient and helpful with us beginners. I’m absolutely in love with the process and see how many options I now how for my craft! “  Colette Rabba - member

“Fliipa's workshop on Slip Casting was fun,  organized , informative and  easy to follow. The results was more than I expected. I have been able to duplicate the results and recommend the workshop to everyone.”  Gary Sullivan - member

Painting with clay: Surface treatments with Lesley McInally

February and April 2018

Lesley McInally was in such demand at MPG that she put on two weekend workshops at our Gui!d

In the 2-day workshops Leslie demonstrated on how she develops rich textured surfaces, building up one layer at a time using coloured slips of varying thicknesses onto a clay surface. Incorporating underglazes, ceramic chalks and stencils, she demonstrated her mono print techniques, painting the ceramic pigments onto paper and transferring the results back onto the clay surface.

This demonstration offered participants endless possibilities for pattern and textural variation, which can easily be adapted and used by both functional and sculptural ceramicists.

Lesley talked about discoveries in the geography of her past that greatly influence her work now.  She generously shared the secrets of her surface techniques, then let us loose…it was our turn to play.  

For me Leslie’s workshop opened a world of opportunity on decorating surfaces on clay!  It’s very empowering to take charge of your own surfaces without depending on glazes and firings to finish it for you.

There are so many things you can do with slips, underglazes, crayons and pencils and an infinite combination with colours, textures and designs.

Leslie really masters composition, colour combinations and surface texture. She is a really inspiration for me, besides her great skill on teaching and passing on all the info needed to take away that fear of the “white canvas syndrome” that we all face in the beginning...because there is no right or wrong in her process...just Fun!”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to let me participate in your guild workshop,”

…Célia Brandao – guest of MPG


Throwing Workshop with Teresa Dunlop

October, 2017

"Continuous throwing of a few different shapes will definitely improve your skills at the wheel." ...Teresa Dunlop

The Cylinder, Throwing Bowls, Plates and so many tips for centering, trimming and handles!

With Teresa's skill as a teacher and hours of throwing, we came away with better technique and lots of helpful tips.

Teresa is an incredible teacher. She gave individual attention to every one of us, starting with a questionnaire designed to understand what each person wanted to learn over the course of the weekend. We all left wanting another workshop with Teresa!” Pam Bingham – MPG Workshop Coordinator

Inspiration and Design with Wayne Cardinalli

Saturday May 27th, 2017

Members of the guild spent the day with Wayne in his studio in Port Credit talking, teaching and giving participants tricks of the trade. He has been making pots full time for over 40 years. Check out the article written by MPG Studio Member Jacquie Blondin about the experience.

Wayne Cardinalli Workshop May 2017 1.doc

Mentorship with Angelo De Petta

November 2015  to August 2016

This collaboration between MPG and Angelo di Petta, was an initiative taken to provide a focused learning experience for members of our guild.

Angelo di Petta, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art (OCAD),  taught at OCAD from 1975 until his retirement in 2012. His work has been exhibited through numerous solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally. He has also executed major public commissions in Canada and the United States.

In this mentorship, Angelo brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in form, function, design and decoration to challenge each of the participating artists to explore, develop and elevate their work. 

The mentorship was  open to all MPG members at any skill level with the only requirement being that they  were keen and  motivated to participate. This transformative learning experience helped members to   to work towards their goals.  A  final Juried Exhibition took place  in the Fall of 2017.

Ways of Using Slip with Frieda Pereira

May, 2015

This hands-on Workshop explored different ways slips are used to decorate your work. Participants learned how to make  a base slip from a recipe and add stains or oxides for colour.

Then the fun began as participants experimented with:

- Layering slips

- Mishima

- Scraffito

- Using slip to create texture.

Ceramic Surface Decorating with Lindsay Montgomery and Marc Egan

 April  2016

Toronto ceramic artists Lindsay Montgomery and Marc Egan  teamed up to present an exciting glazing and decorating workshop for the Mississauga Potters' Guild. Lindsay and Marc are known for their elaborately decorated surfaces and their unabashed use of colour. The workshop introduced students to maiolica, cuerda seca, and china painting traditions and techniques. In addition to demonstrations by the artists, participants had the opportunity to use these techniques to develop imagery and design for a three dimensional surface on their own work.  

Throwing Workshop with George Cho

June 2015

George  led a two-day workshop with us in June 2015. The workshop was set up so that participants honed their skills during the 2 day workshop.

On the 2nd day George showed us how to throw large pieces, some composite forms, pitchers, trays and ewers with long spouts. Members experimented with forms with the skillful guidance of George. 

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  • Ceramic Surface Decorating with Lindsay Montgomery and Marc Egan - April 2nd, 2016
  • Ceramic Surface Decorating with Lindsay Montgomery and Marc Egan - April 2nd, 2016
  • Ceramic Surface Decorating with Lindsay Montgomery and Marc Egan - April 2nd, 2016
  • Workshop with Dennis Ott - Sept 14th, 2014

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