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If you would like to post a call for submission to ceramic artists, please email us at

Professional artists of Mississauga - how do you mark your growth? 

As children, it was easy, just stand in a doorway and an adult with a pencil marked your progress. 

As a professional artist today, the milestones, the opportunities for critical assessment are few.

In our city the best opportunity for review and consideration, recognition and appreciation are the Mississauga Arts Awards. And, while this is not the perfect setting for such an award, your career is on a trajectory and you owe it to yourself to put your work forward, to have it reviewed and assessed and compared with others, to compete in order to grow, better, faster. 

Be seen, be heard and get in touch with us and we will help you put those nominations together. Sherri's very good. My friends, there's too much good work been done in 2019, too much innovative new work was done in 2020, and we cannot allow it to pass unrecognized and unappreciated!

As usual, it begins with you. Look at your work, look at the work of others who inspire you. Reach out to them and dig into yourself and put it out there. Sherri will help you get it into shape for the nominations committees for the 2021 Mississauga Arts Awards and let's mark this time in terms of creative excellence wherever it occurred.

Please help us to help you. We are your Arts Council.


    Apply Here

The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery is pleased to announce a national open call for submissions from Canadian clay, glass and copper enamel artists for Confined, a national group exhibition. 

In March 2020, Covid-19 brought all of us to a standstill. Many artists didn’t even have access to their studios. As Covid-19 continues to affect us all in our daily life, we invite clay, glass, and copper enamel artists to express in their art what the imposed confinement meant for them. 

Mental health issues, anxiety, financial burden for some, but also time to reflect, conceptualize, create for others, the conflict and diversification of personal and professional life are possible themes…and more. 

Multi-media works and those that incorporate new media within the use of clay, glass, and copper enameling will be considered. The selected works will be presented in the exhibition starting in January 2022. A publication will also be produced. The Gallery will provide an artist fee to the selected artists and cover the costs of shipping and insurance for the duration of the exhibition.

For more information, please see the attached call for submissions, or visit the Gallery's website at

We value your membership in FUSION and want to offer our incredibly talented members our continued support. We are currently exploring new ways in which to push our programming forward and provide you with new opportunities to grow your artistic practice.

So we invite you to JOIN THE NEW FUSION MAKERS MARKET! An online gallery to promote your work.

We are creating an easy access platform to showcase FUSION members' work.

Through this online gallery, we want YOU to be able to connect directly to people in order to SELL your work during this time when many shows are being cancelled or postponed.

FUSION will regularly feature work and artists from the MAKERS MARKET to increase your exposure and sales opportunities.

Join FUSION'S MAKERS MARKET. Expand your audience and connect with clients now and into the future.

To join, you only need to submit 5 images, a short bio/artist statement and a contact link. Ideally having your own website for customers to visit is best to  facilitate sales.

All sales and delivery of work will take place directly with the artist. FUSION will not take any commission. 100% of sales will go to you

The site is not yet live, since it requires submissions first. We will be uploading artists' information on a first-submitted, first-uploaded basis. We hope you can join us early in this exciting new benefit of being a member of FUSION so that we can start promoting you!

We look forward to receiving your submissions.


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