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Effective September 22, 2021

MPG is requiring that all members, instructors, and class participants who enter the building be fully vaccinated and provide confirmation of vaccination to MPG.

Please send this confirmation via email to membership@mississaugapotters.com or drop it off in the kitchen   membership mailbox or make an arrangement with the membership coordinator to show her your certificate. 

You can download your electronic vaccination receipt at https://covid-19.ontario.ca/.

This is only required if you wish to enter the studio.

Link to Home Pottery Kit Page

Here's a sneak peek video about our kits!

Sneak Peek

Mississauga Potters' Guild is proud to present

Virtual Workshop Series 

Empower Your Capacity and Growth as a Creative Professional 

with life coach 

Ceramic classes and workshops are hands-on group experiences which you wouldn’t think could easily transfer to a digital platform.  

But it is possible.


Find out more here.

Underglaze Decoration and Carving Techniques Workshop with 

Larissa O’Reilly

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