Past Workshops

Past Workshops

Learning From Others

Our workshops provide an opportunity for you to learn a new technique, improve your skills and challenge yourself all while hanging with other members.

Mocha Diffusion Workshop

May 2023

Presented by Unha Hill

The Mocha Diffusion surface decoration technique is a slip application method. It uses different materials to produce a reaction between acid and alkali that creates intricate veined patterns reminiscent of trees or ferns on clay surfaces.

Workshop participants explored this technique on various forms. The workshop also covered throwing small forms off the hump through demonstration and hands-on experience.

RAKU Workshop and Accreditation

October 2021, 2022 and 2023

Presented by Sandra Mills, Jenny Rushforth & Meaghan Brooks

Participants experienced the fun of Raku firing. Instructor Vicki Ruple Lepe offered an on-line workshop about a variety of techniques to help participants get the best results from a Raku firing. The workshop covered tips and tricks when creating Raku forms as well as design and glazing techniques.

Raku Kiln Accreditation was available which equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to set up and fire the kiln safely. Accredited individuals are able to rent the Raku kiln.

“Throw Big” Workshop

June 2022

Presented by Owen Davies

This workshop covered intermediate throwing knowledge and techniques needed to build large scale work. Participants learned new skills including;

  • spiral and cut wedging
  • centering and throwing in sections
  • choosing the right clay
  • drying techniques

Empower Your Capacity and Growth as a Creative Professional 

February 2022

Presented by Chris Mitchell

This workshop was comprised of a series of customized one hour small group sessions. These sessions were structured around specific topics or themes determined in collaboration with participants. The format facilitated individual reflection, action planning and group discussion. Weekly check-ins supported accountability to individually specific goals and projects.

Underglaze Decoration and Carving Techniques Workshop

April 2021

Presented by Larissa O’Reilly

Larissa demonstrated techniques such as colour mixing, proper preparation, and application with Amaco underglazes. She also covered troubleshooting advice to avoid common issues such as blistering, bleeding and pin holing. The workshop also included step-by-step printmaking, paper resists, transfers and carving (Mishima and Sgraffito) technique demonstrations. The workshop also included best practises for using squeeze bottles and brushes.

Mastering Glaze Consistency

January to March 2021

Presented by Sue McLeod

The workshop also:

  • covered step-by-step testing systems for improving the consistency of glaze applications and results, and
  • reviewed fixing many glaze flaws like running, crawling, glazes turning out the wrong colour, and cloudy clears.

Drawing for Ceramics

October 2019

Presented by Kathy Kranias

Participants also:

  • sketched in a measured and gestural way with pencil, conte crayon and India ink,
  • explored how mark-making expands the repertoire for imagery,
  • worked on developing the essential motor skills for decorating ceramic objects.

Nerikomi Workshop

June 2019 

Presented by Eiko Mazda

Attendants learned the Nerikomi technique through this hand-building workshop with Eiko Maeda. The Nerikomi technique uses slabs that are stacked, folded and formed into shapes from layers of coloured clay and then sliced through to reveal patterns. Eiko taught participants how to make a small rose patterned bowl and a bowl with another floral pattern.

Hand-Building Workshop

November 2018

Presented by Heather Dynes Smit

Heather is recognized for her soft-slab hand-built forms that are both sculptural and functional in design. The workshops guided participants to explore soft slab hand-building construction process and technique. Through demos and open discussion on form and function, participants learned how sculptural form, function and simplicity can exist in everyday utilitarian objects.

The workshop covered cover basic tool and template design for making multiple forms with a focus on drinking and pouring vessels.

Clay Surface Treatments

February and April 2018

Presented by Lesley McInally

Lesley demonstrated how she develops rich textured surfaces, building up one layer at a time, painting coloured slips of varying thicknesses onto a clay surface while incorporating underglazes, ceramic chalks and stencils. Using her mono print techniques, she paints the ceramic pigments onto paper and transfers the results back onto the clay surface.

Participants learned how this technique offers endless possibilities for pattern and textural variation.

Mould Making & Slip Casting 

February 2018

Presented by Filipa Pimental Doak

This introduction to working with plaster allowed participants to learn how to mix properly mix plaster with attention to safety concerns. Each person made a one-piece mould suitable for slip casting.

The second class focussed on mould making and provided the opportunity to make slip-cast pieces from the mould made in the first class. Skills learned included: how to set up the space for slip casting, how to time cast, various decorative techniques using your plaster mould, and proper clean up of pieces to get ideal results.

Throwing Vessels Workshop

October 2017, January and February, 2018

Presented by Teresa Dunlop

“Continuous throwing of a few different shapes will definitely improve your skills at the wheel.” …Teresa Dunlop.

A skilled teacher with hours of throwing knowledge, Teresa helped participants come away with greater pottery skills. During the first workshop series the focus was on creating cylinders, bowls, plates, centering, trimming and handles through repetition. Teresa returned to help particiants build on these skills with lidded containers, casseroles, spouts, handles, teapots and sectional throwing.

Inspiration and Design

May 2017

Presented by Wayne Cardinalli

Wayne has over 40 years of experience and welcomed members into his studio. He shared his knowledge, experience and tricks of the trade. The day was interactive, very intimate, and with Wayne’s sense of humor, it was lots of fun!

“Wayne left us with the task of asking ourselves “Instead of focusing on one aspect of pottery, think about who you are and what you want the clay to say?”

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Lornewood Plaza desktop
1200 Vanier Drive Units 3A & 3B
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Lornewood Plaza
1200 Vanier Drive Units 3A & 3B
Mississauga ON L5H 4C7

© Mississauga Potters' Guild